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Restore psychological balance

The alarming state of mental health of Polish society

According to studies, almost 8 million Americans aged 18 to 65 years suffer from disorders of psychological disorders. Experts are reporting that the number may be much higher, if included in the study to the children, youth and the elderly, it could already be 12 million Poles.

Mental illness Poles

Psychiatric disorders afflicting 1/4 of society, they have different substrate and different severity, the most serious may include schizophrenia and other diseases causing hallucinations and delusions; acute forms of depression, bipolar affective disorder, severe phobias and neuroses. However, such serious cases are less in comparison with milder mental disorders such as depression in a milder form, the state of anxiety, panic attacks.

The reasons of mental ill health Poles

According to experts, Poles are one of the most challenging to each other peoples in Europe, staring into the work, work that is often debilitating. At own request, not enough sleep, we add a stress and tension, while abandoning relationships.

Take care of your mental health


For mental health remained in good condition are required, above all selfless and deep relationships with other people. This relationship between human counterbalance factors causing mental illness. It is also good to have your own passion or hobby that will allow us to take a break from everyday life, and will be a form of relaxation and stress deprivation.

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