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The importance of relaxation for health

In Japan, there is a term that is often applied to the acts of deaths – “karoshi”, or death from overwork, the first case was recorded in 1969. Currently in Japan from overwork died about 10 thousand people a year. Major challenges they pose in front of him, dedication to work, which often spend the whole day (except for the moments when you are asleep), lack of sleep, stress, and lack of ability to properly and fully relax - rest. It turns out that to a lot of people cannot effectively relax, therefore, numerous guides how to relax. Here are some methods of effective relaxation.

·         Heavy - light - is an exercise that is best performed on lying, one after the other stretch all the muscles of the body, imagining that weigh several tons, and then one after the other, starting from the ends of the toes up to the hair follicles all the muscles must relax imagining at the same time that are lighter than air.


·         Long bath - a relatively simple method, which consists of taking a hot bath, which should take 30 - 40 minutes, making sure to take care that the water would be always warm.

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