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Eat healthy!

Moving is healthy

Dietary supplements


“Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year."

(Franklin Pierce Adams)


Following this opinion, we decided to create a portal, which today we give in your hands. Presented page is a place where we will discuss the principles of a healthy lifestyle; provide guidance on proper nutrition, and health issues move as physical and mental health. There will also be here guidance related to beauty, because after all, physical attractiveness is one of the advantages of a healthy body.

Guidance healthy lifestyle

We want to create in this service guide a healthy lifestyle, which will be discussed physical activity for good health, proper and healthy diet, as well as the prevention of diseases and their treatment. Not every place will devote the issues of beauty care.

Who we are?


We are a group of people associated with a healthy lifestyle in different ways. In our ranks is a fitness trainer, nutritionist, cosmetologist, general practitioner, physiotherapist and psychologist - what unites us is the interest in health and the desire to promote a healthy lifestyle among the people of Poland, and once and for all over the world.

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mail: infomacja@solitarytrees.net

          phone: 5874-8561-87

   Wrocław, ul. Wrzosowa 7